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MARA CPD Requirements
The legal requirements for RMA annual re-registration

To renew your registration as a migration agent under the Migration Act, you must complete CPD activities worth a combined total of at least 10 points in the 12 months before you apply to re-register, unless you are the holder of an Australian legal practising certificate. Effective 1 January 2018, migration CPD points breakdown is as follows:

CPD Points CPD Activity How We Can Help

Category A / B
Ethics and Professional Practice, or Understanding the Code of Conduct
Included in our 1 day 10 CPD point workshops, online 10 CPD point webinar workshops and as single-subject webinar workshop CPDs and in our Distance Learning.
Category A
Complete a minimum of 5 Category A CPD Activities
Available in our 1 day 10 CPD point workshops, online 10 CPD point webinar workshops and as single-subject webinar workshop CPDs.
Category A / B
Elective or Compulsory
Complete a mix of any Category A or B Activities to make up the balance.
Available in our Distance Learning, 1 day 10 CPD point workshops, online 10 CPD point webinar workshops, Online Seminars, and as single-subject webinar workshop CPDs.

= 10
1 Mandatory
5 Compulsory
4 Elective or Compulsory
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More Information

Effective 1 January 2018, The Office of the MARA requires that RMAs complete 10 CPD points every year for re-registration purposes. The following Instrument (IMMI 17/047) is important to read, in particular pages 4 and 6, as all agents must now strictly comply.

Migration Agents (IMMI 17/047: CPD Activities, Approval of CPD Providers and CPD Provider Standards) Instrument 2017 (Instrument IMMI 17/047)

The transitional period for the year of 2018 is now over. The Office of the MARA will no longer allow RMAs to complete all of their CPD as 'distance learning' (Category B) Activities.

We have had many agents contacting us recently who have tried to re-register as an agent the Office of the MARA. They report that they cannot complete the re-registration process because they have not done any Category A CPD Activities.

What RMAs Must Do From Now On - The CPD Rules Made Easy

Agents must do 5 Category A CPD Activities each year

Agents must do at least five (5) of CPD points from Category A Activities. The other five (5) CPD points can be from either Category A or B Activities.

Agents can claim a maximum of five (5) Category B Activities each year

For the purposes of CPD and re-registration as an agent, no more than five (5) CategoryB Activities can be claimed each year.

Mandatory CPD Activities

At least one of the Activities must include either 'Understanding the Code of Conduct' or 'Ethics and Professional Practice'. These two (2) subjects are incorporated into a number of our workshops, webinars and distance learning. The mandatory point can be completed as either a Category A or Category B Activity.

Approved Category A Activities:

10 CPD Workshops, 10 CPD Webinars, Webinar CPD, or the 10 CPD Refresher

Approved Category B Activities:

Distance Learning CPD (Online Private Study)


All CPD offered by LTA complies with local Law Society requirements (except for WA). More information on Legal CPD Rules and Requirements can be found here. Legal Practitioners should ensure that individual Law Society requirements regarding mandatory subjects are met and should verify those requirements with their local Law Institute or Law Society.


If you have any questions about CPD, and complying with Instrument IMMI 17/047 please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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