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Agent-to-Agent immigration advice and assistance (RMAs and Lawyers only)

This service is for migration agents and lawyers who need urgent help from experienced colleagues in the migration industry. Our expert panel includes migration lawyers and agents through to Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyers. If you need help with a client matter and want to ask an expert you are in the right place. This service is not available to the public.

How it works:

Step 1: Send your question/s to info@legaltrainingaustralia.com

Step 2: Receive a quote from LTA advising which level of help you will need and which expert is assigned to your case (this is based on time and difficulty)

Step 3: Pay for the help level that you have been quoted by LTA. Help levels are below. Quotes arrive to you by email.

Step 4: Wait for the answers and advice to arrive by email.

Product Name MA Member Price Non-Member Price Info / Buy Now
Ask An Expert - Level 1 (15 mins or less) AUD 55.00 AUD 66.00 Info Add to Cart
Ask An Expert - Level 2 (15 mins - 45 mins) AUD 110.00 AUD 132.00 Info Add to Cart
Ask An Expert - Level 3 (45 mins - 1.5 hrs) AUD 220.00 AUD 264.00 Info Add to Cart
Ask An Expert - Level 4 (1.5 hrs - 2.5 hrs) AUD 440.00 AUD 528.00 Info Add to Cart
Ask An Expert - Level 5 (2.5 hrs - 4.5 hrs) AUD 660.00 AUD 792.00 Info Add to Cart
Ask An Expert - Level 6 (4.5 hrs - 6 hrs) AUD 1,100.00 AUD 1,320.00 Info Add to Cart

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