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Immigration Law and Practice Made Easy

An intensive workshop for lawyers entering the Australian migration advice space

Legal Training Australia (LTA) has designed a one day course for legal practitioners who are interested in finding out as much as they can about the practice of Immigration Law in Australia.

The course is conducted by one of Australia's leading Immigration Specialists who brings to the course and its content unique insights in strategic thinking and dynamic problem solving.

Our Lecturer is Christopher Levingston who has been an Accredited Specialist since 1993 and has practised in this challenging and dynamic legal environment since 1988. He brings to the course a wealth of practical experience that translates into opportunities to develop and drive your practice in this very important area of the Law.

In addition, LTA is the only provider who gives ongoing support on technical and legal questions as they arise in the conduct of your practice.

The course content is as follows:

1 hour - Introduction to the Migration Act, Migration Regulations, and Code of Conduct
1 hour - ImmiAccount, LEGENDCOM and making a valid application for your client (S46)
1 hour - Short cuts and strategies to success, and current trends in the immigration space
1 hour - Health and Character Provisions (8602 and S501)
1 hour - Ministerial Intervention applications (S351 and S417)
1 hour - AAT (MRD and RRT), FCC, FC and High Court
1 hour - The role of the Regulator (Office of the MARA)
1 hour - Criminal proceedings and impact on immigration status (including cancellations under s116 and 503)
1 hour - Ethics and professional conduct
1 hour - Introduction to Schedules 1-8, Gazette Notices, Legislative Instruments
1 hour - Departmental Policy and Instructions


In addition to the face to face component of the course, registration with LTA and attendance at the Course will meet Law Society CPD and CLE requirements subject to any local "rules"; (WA not included) as well as giving access to all of LTA's online private study modules for free. You must register as a lawyer on this website to get access.

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