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Culinary CPD

Category A Workshop Activity

Registered Migration Agents! Please sit down to a CPD dinner on Wednesday evenings with the one and only, Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer, Christopher Levingston. Agents can also sit down for lunch with our in-house TSS-ENS-RSMS-DAMAs guru, Ross Ahmadzai, Immigration Lawyer.

LTA will provide different culinary experiences from around the world plus refreshments at Christopher's office in Sydney. RMAs will sit around his large boardroom table, whilst migration agents engage in a relaxed two-hour, 2 CPD point Category A CPD workshop.

The maximum number of RMAs for these events is twenty (20).

"Culinary CPD" is designed for small groups, and allows more personal interaction with the industry's most renowned immigration lawyers, whilst enjoying a meal with them at the Christopher Levingston & Associates office headquarters. For dates and times please see below.

There are no set-menus for our catered events. Food on the day will be typical for the country stated. For example if it is Indian food, think curries, roti, rice, and dahl. If it is American food, think hot dogs, burgers, pizza and fries. If it is Chinese please think stir fries, fried rice, dim sims and noodles. If it is Italian food please think Pasta, Pizza, Garlic Bread and Antipasto. Any questions please email info@legaltrainingaustralia.com

For our Food Disclaimer, please see Part 11 of our Terms and Conditions.

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